Why Natural Deodorant Is the best choice

Most commercial brands of deodorant contain a variety of harsh chemicals that are detrimental to our health. One common chemical is aluminum, which completely stops perspiration from occurring —and can come with a range of unwanted side effects.

When we allow our bodies to sweat, it’s a natural process that helps rid our bodies of toxins and keeps us cool.

Of course, none of us wants to emit an unpleasant odor. That’s why we created an all natural deodorant without aluminum to keep you smelling fresh all day long.

Our deodorants naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria that causes odor when you sweat.

Best of all, Ohmygaia products are made using only organic, vegan, aluminum-free and paraben-free ingredients. We've added premium essential oils and/or fragrance oils so you can find the perfect subtle scent that's right for you.

And we didn’t stop there. We also now offer natural beard oils and fragrance oils to offer you even more amazing chemical-free scents!

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I love this product! I have really sensitive skin usually, so I was nervous to break away from my name brand deodorant. But after a week of using Ohmygaia, my skin actually was in better condition and felt nourished! I am so super grateful for such an amazing and NATURAL product! XOXO!
— Tawny Marie

This works! Thank you!!! I have tried everything out there and nothing else has. And it doesn’t irritate my very sensitive skin. I love the lemongrass scent. It lingers throughout the day, which is a plus for me because I love how it smells, but it’s light enough that I don’t think others can smell me, and I don’t think it would compete with perfume. Thanks for making a product that works!

— Jillian B.

This stuff works, my stinky 13 year old doesn’t stink anymore. Seriously OMG.

— Kelli O.